The Best Way To Explore Australia On A Working Holiday

Exploring this great country doesn’t come cheap. Currently, more than 200,000 young individuals headed Down Under on Working Holiday Visas , this might just be the great means to spend a year submerging yourself in the Australian way of life, experiencing all this enormous and diverse continent of eye-catching natural beauty has to proffer whilst also funding your travels and, if you’re eligible, an Australian Working Holiday Visa could actually be basically the ticket to swapping cold, grey skies with an amazing year of epic adventures and experiences  under the Australian sun.

Here Is The Best Way To Explore Australia On A Working Holiday

Don’t Arrive Broke!

Australia is an expensive place, fortunately, when you begin earning Australian wages (around AUD $ 20 per hour), it becomes more inexpensive. Meanwhile, there are several competitions for backpacker work and there is no assurance that you will get a job in the first week so you can get as much money as you can to set yourself up Down Under.

Know Your Rights

Be careful when on job search do not allow employers to take advantage of you. Make sure you pay money to find work or ads that look too good to be realistic. Make sure that you have a good pay for a fair day work, keep in mind that the minimum wage is $ 16.87 per hour and that most travelers may expect to earn AUD$20 – 25 an hour in common jobs like childcare, bar work, marketing and sales and fruit picking

Plan ahead but keep flexible

When searching for work, the weather and some specialized activities may be highly dependent on season and timing, such as watching whales or picking fruit. You need to be proactive to ensure you are in the appropriate place at the right time if you have a heart set on a particular activity or Job. Moreover, do not plan so much that you can take advantage of accidental opportunities that may arise. If you’re taking a road trip take the time to take a detour, sometimes discovering the little surprises turn out to be the highlight of the trip.

Buy a campervan

Nothing surpasses the excitement of the open road and the absolute liberty to explore Australia on your own four wheels. You will be having the flexibility to go anywhere you desired whilst saving money on accommodation, transport and eating out. Thinking about buying a campervan in Australia can seem confusing and costly initially. Exploring Australia in your own campervan is the best and most cost-effective way to explore Australia and a worthy investment that enabled you to see a whole lot more of the great big land down under, especially if you can sell the van for a similar price that you bought it for!

Don’t be afraid to ask

The Australian’s are in general truly positive, friendly, laid back and welcoming people. Australia has a general air of sunny, infectious optimism. It is not difficult to make friends here and local Aussies are frequently happy to assist, whether you are lost, searching for work, broken down or just want to speak, don’t be afraid to ask.

Even Australia gets cold

Contrary to common belief it is not often scorching hot in Australia! If you arrive at the Southern regions of Australia such as Melbourne in July it will definitely be cold! Be familiar with your seasons and plan very well to catch the most excellent weather, head up North for the best and warmest weather in the winter (June – Aug) and then circumvent the rainy season and head South for the Summer (Dec – Feb).