5 Cleaning Jobs to Help Sustain a Working Holiday

To sustain a working holiday, many people will need to find work to maintain an income to support the ability to travel.  It can be quite challenging, to be on the other side of the world, away from your home, friends and family.  However, working holidays can be very rewarding as they enable us to spend more time abroad, meet new friends and gain meaningful experiences.

Why cleaning?

Cleaning is a repetitively boring task that most people hate; it takes time away from doing something more enjoyable.  However, cleaning is an essential task; everything revolves around it, your work, your home, the environment.  Without cleaning, we would probably be more ill, be less productive and organized.  Keeping your work place, home or environment clean is one of the best ways to feel happy and happiness increases productivity and success.  There will always be a demand for cleaning positions, cleaning it is an industry within itself and is easy to get into.

5 Cleaning jobs to help sustain a working holiday

Domestic cleaner – performed by many small businesses to private residential residences.  Domestic cleaning allows an individual to work autonomously to help organize, wash and tidy a client’s property. Working for small businesses can provide constant work and also help small businesses to grow.

Commercial and Office cleaner – generally cleaning companies can offer better rates as commercial cleaning requires buildings and offices to be cleaned after hours.  Jobs within the commercial cleaning sector can be a great way to save money for travelling.

Window cleaner – businesses who offer window cleaning can be exciting, as there are no shortages of windows, having a job in this area can be rewarding and also pay well.

End of Lease cleaner – this position can offer a variety of tasks, end of lease cleaners are responsible for thoroughly cleaning a property from top to bottom and require knowledge on how to operate various cleaning equipment, understand different techniques in removing stubborn stains to pass inspection.

Tile and Grout cleaner – the use of tiles in high traffic areas have always been a smart choice; however tiles and grout become old and dull over time.  Without professional equipment it can be the most tedious and strenuous task for the average person. That is why many turn to tile and grout cleaning professionals to take on the task.   Tile and grout cleaners are always in demand and are responsible for operating specialised equipment and restoring floor and wall surfaces.

Where to look for jobs?

Search for small businesses in your area that you would like to work; small businesses are always looking for extra help who they can trust and expand their business.

Make job agencies work for you, as job agencies get paid a commission for every successful job placement, send your resume to as many job agencies as you can.